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See if hackers have stolen your data or breached your technology.

Do a Penetration Test

Find out how the attackers got into your business or stole your information.

Ask your Cyber Advisor

Now you know! Ask GoCyber Advisor on how bad it is and how to fix. Our advisor is there to help.

GOCYBER - Chosen by AI giant NVIDIA for their AI Inception Program

Using AI Find out in 1 hour if you are hacked.

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Dark Web Scan


  • User: Single
  • Unlimited Dark Web Scans
  • Scan: Domains, Hosts, IPs, emails and more
  • Unlimited AI Support

Penetration Test


/Single Test
  • 1 year validity
  • Yearly Service available
  • Discounts for multiple tests
  • Unlimited AI Support

Cyber Advisor


  • 1 user
  • 150 Cybersecurity Prompts
  • Canned prompts for general queries
  • Unlimited AI Support

1 2 3 method

Your attackers have so much more information than you do!

Get the information, now, its just one click.
Ask 3 Questions! Take 3 Actions!

Have we been hacked?

Use GOCYBER to do a Dark Web search, see if your information or infrastructure has been compromised.

How did they hack us?

Do our 1-Click Penetration Test, tell us the target and our AI will run through over 30,000 different methods simulating a skilled attacker. Once done review our report.

I have the report how can we fix this?

Our GOCYBER Advisor is here to help. Just think of Advisor as your personal cybersecurity consultant. Ask Advisor to explain your report, ask how you can fix your issues. Advisor is committed to making you hack-free!

Now you know.
With cybersecurity knowing is all of the problem.
Our 3 step process helps you find out if you are targeted or compromised, allows you to test your compromised systems and then provides you with a personal AI advisor you can work with to remediate your problems.

Hackers are using AI to Attack.
Now with GOCYBER you can use AI to Defend.

AI Penetration Testing

On demand Penetration Test
Average time to completion - 2hrs
Internal, External, FQDNs

Network and web application penetration testing. Now with attackers using AI and other sophisticated methods businesses often don't have time for manual testing. Our AI-based automated pentesting solution emulates the latest attack techniques without needing consultants.

This is an actual penetration test not a vulnerability assessment. Our platform learns about a client's infrastructure and adjusts tests as systems change.

AI-based Automated Penetration Testing
AI version of the worlds best hackers and attackers

GOCYBER continuously runs non-intrusive simulations that mimic attackers who exploit your vulnerabilities.
Identify those security gaps, QUICKLY and with a LOW COST.

GOCYBER can deploy over 30,000 discrete tests designed to mirror the attack library of the best hackers. Our AI and Markov Chain technology allow us to select the right attack script to show you your weaknesses.

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Discover if you are on the Dark Web.

Search the Dark Web to find email addresses, passwords, hostnames, IP addresses, Documents and much more. Find those indocators of compromise.

Discover the importance of dark web monitoring for detecting security breaches and protecting your digital assets. Our advanced neural networks analyze underground data sources using natural language processing to detect threats and issue targeted alerts for exposed credentials.

Search for your data for Indicators of Compromise
Neural Linguistic Programming

You can search, email addresses, domain names, IPs, hostnames, hacker forums, credit cards for sale and much more. Search the dark web to see if you have been compromised. Careful though, you may be seriously surprised.

90% of the worlds internet data sits on the Dark Web. You need the very best AI tools to be able search quickly and effectively to find what you need. Remember you can always ask our Cyber Advisor to explain your dark Web report.

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AI Cyber Advisor: Advising you just like a human will

Our custom built AI Cyber Advisor is designed to help you understand dark web search results and the reports from your penetration tests. Cyber Advisor only knows about cybersecurity and is there to be your personal cybersecurity helper.

Get expert advice to find and deal with threats to protect your digital systems. Our AI can help all organizations with cyber expertise. Our Cyber Advisor uses your data to give helpful guidance and reduce resource limits.

Get assistance on your Penetration Test Report
Understandyour cyber situational awareness

A Penetration Test report has a lot of information. Vulnerabilities, CVEs, CVVs and difficult to understand remediation advice. Just plug your report data into Cyber Advisor and ask what does this information mean, is it bad, how can I fix it - its as easy as that, just ask!

Our Cyber Advisor not only can tell you about Penetration Testing and Dark Web searching, it will advise on cybersecurity activities that you can do to make sure you and your organisation is safe and well protected. Having an advisor there 24x7 is safety +++.

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What makes GOCYBER Unique?

The Significance of Unified Cyber Exposure Management

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Guided cybersecurity journey

GOCYBER assists you in prioritizing your risks and provides tailored remediation plans, going beyond just threat detection.
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Enables teams to quickly address issues

With GOCYBER'S remediation advice teams can quickly take action to resolve security gaps and vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
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Proactively closes security gaps

GOCYBER proactively identifies and allows you to close security gaps to prevent exploitation.
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Customized guidance to each customer

GOCYBER creates remediation plans that provide the best advisory for given attackers, ensuring your protection.

Discover the GOCYBER Advantage

Protect your digital assets with our comprehensive platform now!

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